Dalia Mortada

Reporter, producer, consultant, eater

Recent selected work

Written features

In the Kingdom of Men: Women in Turkey Endure a Culture of Violence – The New York Times, May 26, 2018

How food brought an unlikely group of Syrians together – The Nation Magazine, October 12, 2017

Saruja: Return to Mom's kitchen  Culinary Backstreets, April 28, 2017

Al-Ahdab: Groceries for the homesick – Culinary Backstreets, February 3, 2017

The flavors that unite Syrians – The New York Times, September 9, 2016 

This Syrian dad has one of the world's most dangerous jobs – NPR Goats and Soda, April 29, 2016

Bittersweet: From Syria with Baklava Pt. 1-5 – The GroundTruth Project & Culinary Backstreets, March-April 2016

'We have been sacrificed by society'  – Al Jazeera Magazine, June 26, 2015

Reclaiming Syriac heritage: a village in Turkey finds its voice – Al Jazeera America, May 22, 2015

Turkish sex worker dialect liberates, stigmatizes LGBT community– Al Jazeera America, January 17, 2015

Audio features

Searching for the Aleppo Sandwich, Pt. 2 – The Sporkful, November 7, 2017 — first, listen to PART 1

Loury missed five years of school because of war. She won't let that happen to her brother – PRI's The World, July 27, 2017

This man is dedicating his life to saving Myanmar's Inle Lake and its culture – PRI's The World, March 10, 2017

Syrian country band criticizes Trump's travel ban in new song – NPR All Things Considered, February 22, 2017

From Syria with Baklava – The GroundTruth Project, March 15, 2016

Beirut, the land of codeswitching – PRI's The World, October 5, 2015 

Is religion hurting organ donation in Israel? – Interfaith Voices, November 30, 3015

100 years after genocide, this man struggles with his secret Armenian identity – PRI's The World, April 24, 2015

The secret language of Turkey's LGBT community – The World in Words, January 14, 2015

Turkey: the rise of religious public schools – Interfaith Voices, November 25, 2014

Turks flout the law to compete in birdsong competitions – PRI's The World, October 10, 2014

Turkish Protests Receive Mixed Reception Among Moderates – PRI's The World, July 19, 2013

Breaking news

Explosions rock Istanbul soccer stadium, killing 38, wounding 35 – NPR The Two-Way, December 10, 2016

Nine Turkish journalists and executives at one newspaper are arrested – NPR The Two-Way, November 5, 2016

Turkish leaders say military coup attempt has failed – NPR All Things Considered, July 15, 2016

At least 10 dead in attack on Istanbul International Airport – NPR All Things Considered, June 28, 2016

Bomb in Istanbul targets police vehicle, kills 11 people – NPR The Two-Way, June 7, 2016

Suicide bomb in Istanbul kills five, wounds 36 – NPR The Two-Way, March 19, 2016

Special projects

Savoring Syria – Creator, writer, producer, recipe-tester

The LIFE (Livelihoods Innovation through Food Entrepreneurship) Project – Consultant, Interim Program Director

UNICEF/Vignette Interactive: Syrian children's rights – Producer, script-writer


Can stories about food upend familiar narratives of war? – Foreign Policy, July 24, 2017

Inside a Syrian kitchen – Hacking Hunger, November 2016

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Syrian food is this reporter's connection to her family's homeland – PRI's The World, March 15, 2016